Glen Davis wants to be called something stupid

January 26, 2010

I guess being stuck choosing between “Big Baby” and a Chad Ochocinco (née Johnson) knockoff nickname is a bit like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. But, all things being equal, I’d at least go with Big Baby, since it’s original and kinda quirky.

Glen Davis, however, would disagree:

Even Big Baby’s tired of “Big Baby.” After being fined after an altercation with a heckler in Detroit last week, Glen Davis said he wants to drop his long-standing nickname, and from now on go by ‘Uno-Uno.’

Uno. Uno. Digest that a little bit. I get that Big Baby is kind of stupid sounding, but he’s had it going back to his days at LSU and it’s become synonymous with him. Like it or not, Big Baby fits Glen Davis.

it's not like he looks like a big adult

I laughed when Ochocinco did it, but that was because he’s always been a funny guy and it made sense coming from him. On top of that, he actually legally changed his last name to Ochocinco so he could get it on the back of the jersey. I don’t think Davis is contemplating doing anything similar, and, to be honest, I think the “nickname-as-butchered-Spanish-number” can really only be done one time.

Barstool Sports agrees, with el presidente saying that A) the nickname fits and B) you just can’t up and change a nickname people have been calling you by since your college days.

Is Glenn Davis trying to make me hate him? You can’t just change your nickname dude. You’re Big Baby for life. Especially since it’s the perfect nickname for you. I mean so far in a Celts uniform you’ve cried on the bench, you’ve broke your hand punching your best friend in the face and you called a fan a dick head. So I’m sorry, but Big Baby stays.

Celtics Blog, meanwhile, is running a contest giving tickets to the fan that comes up with the best alternative to Uno-Uno.

So fans, what should Glen Davis’ new nickname be? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. We’ll take the top 5-10 suggestions and tell them to Davis at the next home game on Sunday against the Lakers. The nickname he likes best out of the group will be posted on the blog and the winner will receive two free tickets to an upcoming Celtics game.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers gave one of those incredulous “no comments” at first, and then came around to saying actions on the court will change Glen Davis’ image better than anything else, something Red’s Army agreed with:

I’m with Doc on this one, actions not words. Davis seems like a good guy, he’ll figure it all out… eventually.

So the Celtics blogospher pretty much runs the gamut from borderline anger to whimsy to somewhat general indifference. Me? I just think Glen Davis gets much too attention for dumb stuff when he’s a 7th/8th man in the rotation and a serviceable, but not great, backup power forward. He was never as good as Leon Powe, who nobody ever gave any credit to. He gets in the news because of these kind of antics. He should spend more time working on being a better basketball player.

Photo by Lorianne DiSabato and republished here under a creative commons license.

Some rights reserved.


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