Larry Ellison could make me a happy man

January 28, 2010

Being a Warriors fan is not, for the most part, a fun existence.

“For the most part” is also a bit of an understatement for a team that has made the playoffs once in the last 16 years in a league where half of the teams make the playoffs every single season.

In a recent Sports Illustrated article the Warriors were named the NBA’s Worst Team of the Decade and owner Chris Cohan is routinely lambasted as being among the worst in all of professional sports.

The shame of Golden State’s decade was that it built several promising teams only to see each one self-destruct — including the inspired No. 8 seed that knocked off the No. 1 Mavericks in the first round of the 2007 playoffs. The Warriors had an energized fan base and a big-spending owner in Chris Cohan, which only made the endless dysfunctionality all the more bitter.

There has been, at least during my brief lifetime, very little reason to ever put any hope into this franchise. Yet I continue to put my weight behind them because, well, because my parents decided it’d be better to raise me in Northern California and move from LA when I was 3, thus denying me a happy lifetime of rooting for the laughably more successful Lakers.

But maybe those fortunes could turn around in the near future. America’s third richest man, for the first time, expressed public interest in buying the Warriors yesterday, after his interest had been rumored for some time (did I just link to Market Watch in a sports blog? Oh you bet I did):

At a public event held at Oracle’s Redwood Shores, Calif. headquarters, Ellison responded to a plea from an audience member that he buy the Warriors by responding: “I’m trying, I’m trying.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t have a hostile takeover of a basketball team,” Ellison quipped.

our savior

Normally I’m kind of reflexively anti-corporate. It’s just my nature, I suppose. And you don’t get much more major of a corporation than Oracle.

But would I disregard all of that and throw it out the window without the slightest of hesitations if it made the Warriors – for once! – a consistently good basketball team? A team one could be proud to be a fan of? Where the season isn’t ostensibly over after the first 25 games and you’re looking forward to the Draft Lottery seven and eight months before it’s even to take place?

Absolutely. Abso-freaking-lutely.

That also appears to be the sentiment shared by the folks over at the Warriors World message board where the topic of Larry Ellison, potential Golden State Warriors owner, is lighting up the switchboards.

The guys at Golden State of Mind are rooting for it too. Their poll is at a resounding 547-13 vote in favor of Mr. Ellison.

But, this being the Warriors. It’s probably too good to be true, because Chris Cohan is a mean old man who likes to crush my most modest of dreams (via CSNBayarea’s Matt Steinmetz):

Warriors team president Robert Rowell quickly downplayed Wednesday’s comments by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison about the software billionaire’s desire to buy the Golden State Warriors.

Rowell spoke exclusively to shortly after Ellison confirmed his interest in purchasing the Warriors, the first time Ellison has made his intention known.

“I’ve been hearing this for years,” Rowell said. “At some point in time, the media speculation will become a reality. But right now, there’s not much to this.”

Well, hey, he said at some point it would become a reality, right? That’s something. And if it seems like I’m grasping at straws, it’s because, well, I’m a Warriors fan. It’s all we know how to do.

Photo by Thomas Hawk and republished here under a Creative Commons license.

Some rights reserved.


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