Good God almighty the Warriors are a mess

February 5, 2010

Normally I’d want to link to a few things to illustrate a woe-is-the-Warriors-post (lord knows there’s no shortage of material to reference), but this time I’ll stick to this weekend’s ESPN Weekend Dime, because there’s just so much juicy Warriors badness packed into one article I think it will suffice.

Exhibit A:

The Warriors, though, are adamant that there was never a shred of validity to the recent report out of Boston suggesting that a deal featuring Allen and Ellis was a legit possibility.

The safest assumption at this point? As mentioned earlier this season when the prospect of Golden State’s trading young Anthony Randolph was raised, teams would almost certainly have to be willing to absorb the contract of Corey Maggette (with nearly $31 million left on that deal over the next three seasons) to get an Ellis conversation started.

The Warriors, being the Warriors, are kinda sorta maybe shopping Monta Ellis around the league. Not to see what they can get, but to see if they can springboard Monta into a way of ridding themselves of the burdensome Maggette contract.

Mind you, this is a contract that was signed before last season. And in the second year of the deal, Maggette is basically having the best year of his career and performing as well as could be hoped for in one’s wildest dreams. And even still the Warriors not only cannot move him to a team that could use his services (many could), they would have to attach their best player to him in order to get out from under that contract.

This is how the Warriors operate. Maggette’s contract was odious when it was first signed, and it’s still bad now, even though it’s miraculously working out almost in a best case scenario. That shows profoundly poor judgment. The Golden State Warriors, everybody.

Exhibit B:

46: Monta Ellis’ 46 points Wednesday night in Golden State’s 110-101 defeat in Dallas represent the highest scoring output in a loss this season. Four other players — Kobe Bryant (Feb. 1), Chris Bosh (Jan. 20), Dwyane Wade (Jan. 6) and David West (Dec. 29) — have scored 44 points in defeat.

I don’t really have a ton to say about this. I think it kind of speaks for itself. Is there another team in basketball more likely to boast the player with the most points in a defeat this season?

And Exhibit C:

16: Houston’s 119-107 victory Tuesday night over Golden State halted a run of 16 consecutive games for the Rockets decided by fewer than 10 points. That was the longest streak of its kind in a whopping 27 years, dating to 1982-83 when Indiana played in 20 consecutive games decided by 10 points or fewer.

For 16 straight games, the Houston Rockets could neither be blown out, nor blow an opponent out. A remarkable stretch of time, really, for a pretty good team playing a pretty volatile sport, in terms of night-to-night outcomes.

That was the longest streak of its kind in a whopping 27 years

Reposted for digestion.

But yeah, the Warriors put a fixing to that right well like.

Is there a moral to the story of this post? Not particularly, other than that the Warriors are a miserable, miserable professional sports franchise and are not likely to be anything different for some time. Pointing out the latest examples of this reality is merely cathartic.


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