College kids eat a lot of pizza. That’s the conventional wisdom, although I’m sure there’s some more scientific study out there (because what out there hasn’t had some sort of scientific study conducted on it?) with some numbers, some hard scientific facts to back up that assertion. The conventional wisdom, after all, is that they also drink a lot of beer, and I can’t imagine anyone would question that.

They go together, pizza and beer. Cheap, purposeful.

the menu at il mondo. click the picture for images.

With that in mind I took a little stroll to Il Mondo Pizzeria in Boston’s Mission Hill area. Partly because it’s got arguably some of the best slices in Boston, and also partly because it’s conveniently located down the street from a bar, the homely Squealing Pig.

Beer and pizza. Inseperable.

Anyway, Il Mondo is probably most notable for its wide selection of slices that are, for the most part, available all day. Among them? An awesome barbecue and buffalo chicken slice, a meat lovers slice that includes sausage/bacon/pepperoni, an exquisite Hawaain slice, and, really, just about any other prominent form of pizza your mind can cook up. The slices run $3.00 for the multi-topping varieties, a worthy price considering one slice on its own can just about kill off any hunger attacks.

“I think they’ve got the best buff chick slice in the city,” said Neil Labak, a 21-year old pharmacy major at Northeastern who was, as one would figure, eating a buffalo chicken slice. “They just put a ton of chicken on it. It’s awesome.”

The rest of the menu reads like any Italian eatery, with calzones, subs, salads, pastas, and various specials and deals. Still, it’s the slices that really stand out, which is, after all, really what the pizza-searching college types are after.

buffalo chicken pizza from il mondo

“They seem to put a lot of care in the slices. There’s a lot of ingredients, they don’t short you on anything,” said Labak.

So if you’re new to Northeastern, looking for pizza worthy of the name, and don’t mind a 15-20 minute walk from the center of the NU campus out toward the Brigham Circle area at the bottom of Mission Hill, Il Mondo’s a good place to try. And it doesn’t hurt that, if you’re of age, beer is literally right around the corner.

Il Mondo Pizzeria, located at 682 Huntington Ave., in the Brigham Circle area, is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. Call (617) 277-7161.